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Senior Designer

At Kobo, device and software launch / promotion campaigns were my speciality. I worked to create all the creative pieces with a team of copywriters for each project. Most used digital and print assets for advertising. A cadence of emails were also created to promote new features, sales, etc. 

We brought concepts for landing pages, emails, and online assets to finished product. Each project went through four teams working on different aspects of each.

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Digital Sale Ads

Classic Book Designs

Social Media

Influencer Campaign

Digital eBook Club

The Digital eBook Club initiative aims to introduce people to eReading to promote life-long reading. The program teaches people with less technology experience the perks of eReading in the form of a group digital book club. The program rents the devices to a group. This guide is sent home with the users to help them when the group leader is not around to assist. The intention was to make it as simple to understand as possible to ensure it is accessible at any time. 

Stay at Home Campaign

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Deeper Reading Email

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